How does the Halo G6 Work?

HaloCigsThe first thing we noticed about Halo G6 was that the batteries need charging a little before we could really use them to their full potential. Just twist a battery charger or the USB charger plug from the wall. You know that your battery is fully charged when the LED on the end of the battery off.

The refill cartridges are packaged in a box of nice and clean plastic. You just flip the case open, remove the cartridge to remove the caps and then twist the cartridge until the end of the battery.

Once you’ve done that, you can take your first breath slow since the end of the Halo G6 to create some steam if you have an automatic battery. If you have a manual battery, then you have to press the button on it to start making steam.

If you are new to e-smoking, it is our recommendation that you get an automatic and a manual battery. This allows you to experiment and find out which of the two preferred methods for e-smoking.

After a few hours of active use, you will notice that the amount of steam produced by the halo G6 will significantly decrease. This is usually due to the battery running low, as we have realized that the cartridges that come with the halo G6 tend to last longer than the battery.

If you see a flashing light near the end of its battery, then the battery is dead and needs to be recharged. If you’re still getting the same amount of steam, then it’s time to replace or refill your cartridge.





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